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Taman Merah Spa

Contemporary wellness in the Heart of Seminyak
Taman Merah Spa is a sophisticated spa facility established to introduce international travellers to Bali's natural healing and beauty traditions. The spa is a private sanctuary committed to wellness concepts.

Purposely designed to appeal to a unisex clientele, Taman Merah Spa comes to life through contemporary furnishings in a dynamic shade of red. Celebrating Bali's evolving spa industry, Taman Merah Spa ventures beyond the aesthetics to focus wholly on rejuvenation

Taman Merah Spa is part of a progressive tourism based company that also owns Bali Island Villas. The company has chosen cater to the needs of seasoned travellers who expect genuine hospitality and quality service.

Taman Merah Spa is staffed by professionally trained local therapists who have combined elements of Bali's healing heritage with new-age awareness. The spa's vision is to encourage everyone to partake in a healthy and balanced lifestyle.